Sentence Examples

  • In front of the three masses that will form the sub-oesophageal ganglion the mass of cells that is to form the nervous system is very large, and projects on each side; this anterior or " brain " mass consists of three lobes (the prot-, deut-, and tritencephalon of Viallanes and others), each of which might be thought to represent a segmental ganglion.
  • It is plain that the various priestly colleges regarded themselves as one order, that they had common traditions of law and ritual which were traced back to Moses, and common interests which had not been vindicated without a struggle (Deut., ut supra).
  • Allied to Deut., especially the secondary portions); and there are many relatively early narratives in which the details have been modified, and the heroes of the past are the mouthpiece for the thought of a later writer or of his age.
  • 14 (not to put a stumbling block before the blind) is the ground for cautioning a father against striking an adult child, and Deut, xxv.
  • "Remember the Sabbath day," Ex.; but "observe," &c., Deut.), and partly consist of amplifications or divergent explanations.