Sentence Examples

  • 944, on the ruined tekke of the Bektash dervishes in western Bagdad.
  • Over 3ooo dervishes with their principal amirs, except Osman Digna, lay dead on the field, and many more were killed in the pursuit.
  • After the defeat of the Abyssinians at Debra Sin in August 1887 Gondar was looted and fired by the dervishes under Abu Anga.
  • Tidings of a new Mahdist incursion into Abyssinian territory reaching the negus induced him to postpone the settlement of his quarrel with Menelek until the dervishes had been chastised.
  • Kassala was relieved on the 1st of April, and Stevani a few days later severely defeated the dervishes at Jebel Mokram and Tucruff.