Sentence Examples

  • In 1854 he took part in the brilliant Kiiriik Dere campaign.
  • One, known in medieval times as Dere Street and misnamed Watling Street by modern antiquaries, ran from Corbridge on the Tyne past Otterburn, crossed Cheviot near Makendon Camps, and passed by an important fort at Newstead near Melrose, and another at Inveresk (outside of Edinburgh), to the eastern end of the wall.
  • The wealthier inhabitants have summer residences at Beilan near the summit of the pass, long a stronghold of freebooting Dere Beys and the scene of the victory won by Ibrahim Pasha in 1832, which opened Cilicia to his advance.
  • Modern Murtana is a large village, long under the dominion of the Dere Beys of the Tekke Oglu family.
  • And we are told "Robin loved our dere lady; For doute of dedely synne Wolde he never do company harme That ony woman was ynne."