Sentence Examples

  • Well, these board shorts look as if someone who did sat in on an SU meeting, took note of the preppy styles they were wearing and decided to re-fashion their clothing preferences in a way that would certainly warrant a demerit.
  • Every time you do something wrong, the animated driving instructor starts shouting at you and your demerit balance increases by one.
  • From the sentiments of propriety and admiration we proceed to the sense of merit and demerit.
  • In the case of demerit there is a direct antipathy to the feelings of the misdoer, but the chief sentiment excited is sympathy with those injured by the misdeed.
  • Price further follows Butler in distinguishing the perception of merit and demerit in agents as another accompaniment of the perception of right and wrong in actions; the former being, however, only a peculiar species of the latter, since, to perceive merit in any one is to perceive that it is right to reward him.