Sentence Examples

  • There are three parts of the deltoid - anterior (front), posterior (back) and lateral (side).
  • Seated lateral raises will help you build the deltoid muscles of your shoulders.
  • Older child or adolescent: 2.5 to 20 micrograms injected into the deltoid arm muscle, with additional doses one month and six months after the first injection, for a total of three doses.
  • The leaves are broader than in most willows, and are generally either deltoid or ovate in shape, often cordate at the base, and frequently with slender petioles vertically flattened.
  • In this well-known variety the young shoots are but slightly angled, and the branches in the second year become round; the deltoid short-pointed leaves are usually straight or even rounded at the base, but sometimes are slightly cordate; the capsules ripen in Britain about the middle of May.