Sentence Examples

  • In Your Right to Be Beautiful, Tonya Zavasta recommends buying a low-wattage dehydrator that can be set at 95 degrees or lower, as most raw food recipes do not call for temperatures above 110 degrees.
  • Practical Items: Farmers are by nature very practical, and useful gifts such as a multi-tool or pocketknife, barometer, rain gauge, or food dehydrator kit can be perfect for any occasion.
  • Although it is easy enough to purchase a food dehydrator from just about any big box retailer, including Wal-Mart, freeze drying is a fairly intensive process.
  • An oven can serve as a dehydrator at a temperature of 70 degrees, and those with adequate elbow grease can hand blend soups with a spoon.
  • If you plan on making raw vegan recipes on a regular basis, you should definitely invest in both a good blender and a food dehydrator.

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