Sentence Examples

  • He didn't steal the money—he found it—and aside from some name changing, it would be hell to prove he defrauded anyone.
  • When the booty was divided, Morgan is accused of having defrauded his followers.
  • In 1858 he was sent to California by the United States attorney-general as special Federal agent for the settlement of land claims, and he succeeded in breaking up a conspiracy by which the government would have been defrauded of vast tracts of land of almost inestimable value.
  • Yet, in 1713, he was implicated in the famous Solov'ey process, in the course of which it was demonstrated that he had defrauded the government of ioo,000 roubles.'
  • As secretary of the treasury (1874-1876) he prosecuted with vigour the so-called "Whisky Ring," the headquarters of which was at St Louis, and which, beginning in 1870 or 1871, had defrauded the Federal government out of a large part of its rightful revenue from the distillation of whisky.