Sentence Examples

  • The interpretation of the signals is according to the Morse code, - the dot and dash being represented by deflexions of the line of dots to one side or other of the centre line of the paper.
  • When electric waves fell on the antenna they caused the mercury-steel junction to become conductive during the time they endured, and the siphon recorder therefore to write signals consisting of short or long deflexions of its pen and therefore notches of various length on the ink line drawn on the strip of telegraphic tape.
  • Its general course is north-north-west, but it makes numerous deflexions and at one point is found running in a diametrically opposite direction.
  • The Tian-shan consists almost everywhere of " sheaves " of parallel ranges, having their strike predominantly east and west, with deflexions to the W.S.W., west of Khan-tengri and to the E.S.E., east of 92° E., thus describing as it were a wide flattened arc open to the south.

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