Sentence Examples

  • We frequently meet with cogredient and contragedient quantities, and we have in general the following definitions:-(i) " If two equally numerous sets of quantities x, y, z,...
  • He is not prepared to exclude the great medieval pronouncements, or the modern Roman Catholic definitions, from the list of dogmas; but on the whole he prefers to keep in view " one historical species " - Loofs suggests that he ought perhaps rather to say one individual type - that greatest group of Christian dogmas which " was created by the Greek spirit upon the soil of the gospel " (Hist.
  • In 1899, with a view to the many modifications exhibited by parasitic and semi-parasitic species, the definitions, stripped of a too hampering precision, took a different form: (a) Ampharthrandria.
  • A discussion of these concepts and the various definitions of angles in Euclidean geometry is to be found in W.
  • It was simply a case of differing definitions of quid pro quo.