Sentence Examples

  • After fours years together, the two of you are not behaving like a committed couple who makes joint decisions together, but rather a couple who is in the early stages of dating and whose decision-making is independent of the other person.
  • By allowing them to feel as though they have a say in what and how the room looks, you'll be empowering them, teaching them invaluable lessons about the decision-making process and giving them a sense of ownership in the process.
  • If he's still young, you'll probably be most interested in cost and functionality, but as he gets older, his opinion of style will likely become the biggest factor in the decision-making process.
  • Ask for credentials, certifications, degree or diploma information, professional associations, training and other qualifications you feel that are important in your decision-making process.
  • The primary treatment for dependent personality disorder is psychotherapy, with an emphasis on learning to cope with anxiety, developing assertiveness, and improving decision-making skills.