Sentence Examples

  • To combat or deter an adversary using cyberspace tools is predicated on their being as reliant on information technologies as we are.
  • If you are putting a dance out in cyberspace, you must have a model release form signed by the parents of every minor shown in the dance, as well as any adults who are participating.
  • Whether you are gathering at a set place with friends to draft your team or meeting in cyberspace in an Internet league, draft day is the biggest day of the year for fantasy football team owners.
  • Both geniuses of the same caliber as Ender, but unsuited psychologically for military command, they hide their youth by engaging only in cyberspace, changing the political landscape.
  • "Mean girls" who wouldn't give a wallflower the time of day in the halls of high school have "friended" them on cyberspace, causing an oddly skewed perception of social acceptance.