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For just under $120, individuals interested in recording complete telephone conversations can do so using a Dialed Number Recorder, or DNR. The DNR II, a recent version, can capture details of telephone conversations while recording both sides with clarity. Information is then typically stored on cassette tapes. Recording starts automatically when the telephone is in use. A built-in LCD panel displays the time, date, and dialed numbers. With more than five hours of recording per 120-minute cassette tape, one of the features of this recent version of DNR is that the unit has a switchable voice-control mode able to get rid of tape-consuming silent periods, thus maximizing recording time. It is interesting to note that most vendors selling DNRs attach advisories saying that it is the consumer’s responsibility to ensure that recorded conversations are done in accordance with the federal laws—such as the Federal Wiretap Act of 1968 and The Electronic Communications Privacy Act of 1986—and with the state laws where the equipment is being used. Telephone companies store DNR records for the calls placed through their systems, but these records contain details about only the connection itself. A part of these records is sent to customers with their routine telephone bills, and another part may play an important role when authorities are investigating cybercrimes through dial-up Internet services. Because these records reveal the origin of the call, they can help to locate cyber criminals in some cases. TWAcom.com, Inc. Product Descriptions: Dialed Number Recorder II. [Online, August 8, 2004.] TWAcom.com Website. http://www.twacomm.com/Catalog/ Model_P5075.htm.
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