Sentence Examples

  • Lopez has claimed to design her clothes to fit myriad body shapes, but her use of stick thin models in her runway show and her catalog have a lot of women doubting the clothes were designed around an average woman's curvy body.
  • Women of any age, especially if they are quite curvy, can have difficulty finding a bra that is supportive and sexy.This is an instance where spending more money will definitely yield you a better quality bra that will last.
  • For example, if you are looking to shoot a sultry photo of a curvy woman, you might consider photographing her in a bedroom or near a doorway with good natural light that bathes the contours of her body.
  • To be a model for the most daring string bikinis - micro and Brazilian bikinis that keep you legal but don't provide much in the way of coverage - you need to have a curvy and completely toned figure.
  • Fashion authorities advise women which styles are most flattering to them based on their body shapes at sites such as Dress me Now and Curvy Counselor, so there's no reason to wonder anymore if you're wearing the right clothes.