Sentence Examples

  • This was what was most desired, due mostly to the fact that during the war they had been seeking solace in the ever growing movie industry--watching beautiful curvaceous women grace the silver screen that they could only hope to emulate.
  • Although not as exclusive and high-praised as haute couture or runway modeling, lingerie models earn quite a bit of envy (and big paychecks) titillating men and inspiring women with their curvaceous frames.
  • The Jantzen Vamp Maillot holds a special place in the hearts of women everywhere because the design harkens back to a time when women were seemingly a bit less self-conscious about having curvaceous bodies.
  • The advent of online dating has opened up a world of opportunities for them in the form of websites that cater exclusively to large women and those who prefer voluptuous, curvaceous women over skinny ones.
  • Actress Christina Hendricks may have originally achieved notoriety because of her stunning curvaceous body, but through her acting talents she's proven that she's more than just someone to look at.