Sentence Examples

  • He was looking for more information on autonomy in psychotherapy and counseling.
  • Support services may involve physical assistance and therapy, counseling and psychotherapy, modified learning environments and assistive learning devices, educational and psychological assessments, and behavioral modification techniques.
  • VH1 Tough Love is a dating reality show with a twist; instead of simply hooking up a bunch of singles and seeing what happens, women who are unlucky in love receive intense training and counseling from Steve Ward, a professional matchmaker.
  • Your credit may suffer as a result of enrollment in a credit counseling service, but if the program helps you get back on track you should not concern yourself with the temporary dip in credit score and instead focus on the long-term gain.
  • Credit counselors that immediately advise such a plan or push for one over the client's protests should be considered suspect; their fees may be contingent on clients signing up for programs with higher fees than basic counseling services.