Sentence Examples

  • Since dr/ds is the cosine of the angle between the directions of r and ~s.
  • For mercury in a glass tube the angle of contact is 128° 52', the cosine of which is negative.
  • In considering the relative brightnesses of the different spectra, it is therefore sufficient to attend merely to the principal directions, provided that the whole deviation be not so great that its cosine differs considerably from unity.
  • C2P2=IC2cos obliquity (The obliquity which is found to answer best in practice is about 143/4; its cosine is about i3/4, and its sine about 3/4.
  • Consequently, one of the forms suitable for the teeth of wheels is the involute of a circle; and the obliquity of the action of such teeth is the angle whose cosine is the ratio of the radius of their base-circle to that of the pitch-circle of the wheel.