Sentence Examples

  • To these phenomena he gives accordingly a correspondingly early date.
  • Columns have generally to bear a heavier weight than walls, and have to be correspondingly stronger.
  • The Great Plains are under correspondingly unfavourable conditions, for their scanty rainfall is of very variable amount.
  • In the wheeled plough some of the weight and downward pull due to its action on the ground is taken by the wheels; the sliding friction is thus to some extent converted into a rolling friction, and the draught is correspondingly diminished.
  • Applying the same method of careful observation to the sun and planets, and later to some of the constellations and to many of the fixed stars, it will be apparent that the body of observations noted must have grown in the course of time to large and indeed to enormous proportions, and correspondingly the interpretations assigned to the nearly endless variations in the phenomena thus observed.