Sentence Examples

  • Frequently a single pipe is led to the tap, but the water in this branch cools and must therefore be drawn off before hot water can be obtained.
  • The glass thus cools gradually as it passes down the tunnel and is thereby adequately annealed.
  • Again, by raising the temperature, a metal in the solid state can be melted and liquefied, and poured into a mould to assume any form desired, which is retained when the metal cools and solidifies again; the gaseous state of a metal is revealed by the spectroscope.
  • The boiling juice is run down into subsiding tanks, where it cools, and at the same time the albumen, which has been suddenly coagulated by momentary exposure to high temperature, falls to the bottom of the tank, carrying with it the vegetable and other matters which were in suspension in the juice.
  • As it cools from P to Q the mixture remains wholly liquid, but when 200 the temperature Q is reached there is a halt in the cooling, due to the formation of crystals loo° of A.