Sentence Examples

  • One thing to be aware of with this kind of cookie-cutter site is that they often advertise as being free when in fact they require a paying membership for many of its useful features, such as contacting people you're interested in.
  • On the surface, this is very much a "cookie-cutter" website creation tool - it's main interface is a drag-and-drop designer, where you can put elements, blocks of text, images, and other widgets on the page as you like.
  • Write a custom cover letter for each position: Using a cookie-cutter approach to writing your cover letter isn't going to show a prospective employer why you are a good fit for the position you are applying for.
  • Love things unique: Finally, if you just happen to be the kind of person who loves things that are unique and loathes cookie-cutter beach styles, then this might be the perfect new activity for you to try out.
  • Bottom line: don't pounce on a cookie-cutter recommendation out of a magazine just because some person with washboard abs recommends it -- read up on what's best for you or talk to a personal trainer.