Sentence Examples

  • It is precisely this question of the "soul" that the unknown author takes up first, describing how Nagasena convinces the king that there is no such thing as the See Iti-vuttaka, p. 44; Samyutta, iii.
  • He convinces Othello that Desdemona, Othello's wife, is unfaithful to him.
  • It convinces me that Earth is still in her swaddling-clothes, and stretches forth baby fingers on every side.
  • That's what convinces, that is what has convinced me, said Prince Andrew.
  • Not that sort of victory which is defined by the capture of pieces of material fastened to sticks, called standards, and of the ground on which the troops had stood and were standing, but a moral victory that convinces the enemy of the moral superiority of his opponent and of his own impotence was gained by the Russians at Borodino.