Sentence Examples

  • Hence, for the basic process, spare converters must be provided, so that there may always be some of them re-lining, either while standing in the same place as when in use, or, as in Holley's arrangement, in a separate repair house, to which these gigantic vessels are removed bodily.
  • A pair of working converters has made 4958 charges of 10 tons each, or a total of 50,547 tons, in one month, or at an average rate of a charge every seven minutes and twenty-four seconds throughout every working day.
  • The mould-train now carries its empty moulds to a cooling yard, and, as soon as they are cool enough to be used again, carries them back to the neighbourhood of the converters to receive a new lot of steel.
  • Indeed, the whole German production of acid Bessemer steel in 1899 was at a rate but slightly greater than that here given for one pair of American converters; and three pairs, if this rate were continued, would make almost exactly as much steel as all the sixty-five active British Bessemer converters, acid and basic together, made in 1899.
  • Hence the progressive increase which has occurred in the size of converters, until now some of them can treat a 20-ton charge, is not surprising.