Constructive Definition

Leading to improvements or advances; formative; positive.
Constructive criticism.
Webster's New World
Of construction or structure.
Webster's New World
Inferred or implied by legal or judicial interpretation.
Constructive fraud.
Webster's New World
The definition of constructive is something that has a useful purpose or that is likely to cause improvements, or is something that is implied, rather than explicit.
When you read a poem you wrote and your creative writing class gives you criticism designed to help you improve the poem, this is an example of constructive criticism.
When an employer becomes liable for the actions of his employee because the law gives that liability to him, not because his actions make it obvious that he is liable, this is an example of constructive liability.
Carefully considered and meant to be helpful.

Something that, while not actually true, is imputed by the law to exist or to have occurred and treated as if it were actually so. For example, to say “I’m giving you my car” and to turn over the car keys would probably be considered a constructive delivery of the vehicle itself. See also legal fiction, actual, apparent, and impute.

Webster's New World Law
Webster's New World Law
Webster's New World Law

See fraud.

Webster's New World Law
Webster's New World Law

Origin of Constructive

  • From Middle French constructif

    From Wiktionary

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