Sentence Examples

  • More questionable was Josephs policy in closing and confiscating the property of 213 of the richer monasteries of the land.
  • There, on the 16th of December, he issued a decree (omitted from the official Correspondence) declaring le nomsne Stein an enemy of France and confiscating his property in the lands allied to France.
  • An Act of Attainder (repealed in 1819) was passed, confiscating his property; and his wife - against whom the government probably possessed sufficient evidence to secure a conviction for treason - was compelled to leave the country before her husband had actually expirbd.
  • The civil power, further, stepped in to aid the ecclesiastical, and denounced him as a rebel, imprisoning his person and confiscating his goods.
  • Congress in August 1861 passed an act (approved August 6th) confiscating rights of slave-owners to slaves employed in hostile service against the Union.