Sentence Examples

  • by Citrix Systems Inc. Santa Barbara, CA, is an affordable Web conferencing tool that delivers on the promise of smooth operation and ease of use while boosting productivity and cutting meeting travel costs.
  • A very cheap computer most likely will not have the higher processing speed and graphics resolution to play the newest games, nor will it have a webcam, microphone, and other gadgets necessary for video conferencing.
  • Although more complicated than a phone call, text message or email, video conferencing provides parents with reassuring images and live chat with their children.Many web cams are preinstalled on laptops.
  • The term forum can also refer to a wide variety of other online tools including chat rooms and real-time video conferencing, but for this article the focus is on text-based group discussions.
  • The plan also includes the Call Control package, which has caller ID, missed call alerts, call forwarding, call conferencing, call waiting, and call hold.