Sentence Examples

  • Concha y Toro Marques de Casa Concha Merlot 2005 - This wine is priced a little bit above the $20 price point, but not by much, at about $22 a bottle.
  • Galiano, Cuba en 1858 (Madrid, 1859); Jose de la Concha, twice Captain-General of Cuba, Memorias sobre el estado politico, gobierno y administracion de.
  • On subjects of politics, amongst the more important works are the various monographs of Gustavus Beksics on the Dualism of AustriaHungary, on the " New Foundations of Magyar Politics " (A magyar politika uj alapjai, 1899), on the Rumanian question, &c.; the writings of Emericus Balint, Akos Beothy, Victor Concha (systematic politics), L.
  • He suppressed the Republican risings with as much severity as he did the military pronunciamientos of Generals Concha and Diego de Leon.
  • Concha has a broad sandy shore, the Playa de Banos, admirable for bathing and sheltered from sea-winds by the rocky islet of Santa Clara.