Sentence Examples

  • Neither ear-conches nor eyes are visible externally.
  • William of Conches, a pupil of Bernard's, devoting himself to psychological and physiological questions, was of less importance for the specific logico-metaphysical problem.
  • Feuillet des Conches Louis X VI., Marie Antoinette et Madame Elisabeth, lettres et documents inedits (6 vols., Paris, 1864-1873), while most of the works on Marie Antoinette published before the appearance of Arneth's publications (1865, &c.) are based partly on these forgeries.
  • Among the compilers of these last were Isidore and Hrabanus, William of Conches and Honorius of'Autun, Bartholomaeus Anglicus (fl.
  • Conches), its chief village being Munster, while Fiesch, lower down, is well known to most Swiss travellers.