Sentence Examples

  • Among the complainants were the inhabitants of Kidderminster, a town which had become famous for its ignorance and depravity.
  • In 1531 the three complainants were expelled from the company, and then the dispute seems to have ended.
  • Took the part of the complainants and commissioned Duke Godfrey of Lorraine to chastise the young Frisian count.
  • A few days before his installation the Long Parliament had met; and among the complainants who hastened to appeal to it for redress was the ex-prebendary, Smart.
  • By section 8 of the Public Worship Regulation Act 1874, complainants may take proceedings if it is considered that "any alteration in, or addition to, the fabric, ornaments or furniture has been made without legal authority, or that any decoration forbidden by law has been introduced into such church.