Sentence Examples

  • As regards frictional resistance, this smaller number of reversals of direction compensates in a measure for the smaller area of the Cowper flues.
  • His style is perfectly perspicuous, and its "strong home-touch" compensates for what is lacking in elasticity and grace.
  • The very high summer temperatures of the area north of the tropic of Cancer are sufficiently accounted for, when compared with those observed south of the tropic, by the increased length of the day in the higher latitude, which more than compensates for the loss of heat due to the smaller mid-day altitude of the sun.
  • At a later stage the shade of the large trees compensates to a considerable extent for the absence of cover on the ground.
  • His work shows many signs of haste, but he more than compensates for this by the way in which he thus preserves a singularly interesting memorial of the and century.