Sentence Examples

  • The company states this quite plainly in their replies, thereby they have a way to absolve themselves of any potential comeback.
  • Bent on a comeback, this time with an impressive new graphics and physics engine, the story takes place during the events of Pearl Harbor and unfolds with the player fighting through pivotal battles against the forces of Japan.
  • As rumors swirled that pop diva Britney Spears would be appearing at several House of Blues shows during the week of April 30, 2007, fans scooped up tickets in hopes that they could catch a glimpse of her comeback tour.
  • In addition to these more classic looks, you can expect a fairly sizeable comeback from wire framed sunglasses as they have already started to make their way onto the faces of supermodels and other celebrities in the fashion world.
  • Those who had predicted the 2006 Grammy Awards would herald the comeback of Mariah Carey were proven wrong on February 8th when U2 walked away with five statues, including the coveted Album of the Year and Song of the Year titles.