Sentence Examples

  • While you're shopping for your next thong or two, you may even get some ideas for a few poses or come-hither looks of your own, thanks to the gorgeous models.
  • The song, from the maven's best-selling 1998 album Ray of Light, is a come-hither approach to the art of seduction, rife with memorable melodies and lyrics.
  • Luscious, rosy hued lips, slick with lip gloss, makes lips appear kissably soft, while glitter on the eyes helps one achieve the perfect come-hither look.
  • They're not exactly known as a "come-hither" item in lingerie and are often the subject of jokes about turning lovers off.
  • Polka dots are sweet, innocent and playful - in short, they're the antithesis of sexy, come-hither lace and sequins.