Sentence Examples

  • At the age of thirteen he entered the Collegium Clementinum at Rome.
  • Soon, however, the activity of the Schoffen became specifically confined to the determination of legal disputes, and in their place a new body (Collegium) of counsellors - Ratmannen - also fourteen in number, was appointed for the general administration of local matters.
  • In April 1772 he passed his theological examination, and soon after became professor of Greek at the Collegium Humanitatis.
  • 9-Ir, a sort of collegium, of which he was the head; and as instructor of this body he gives his criticism of life.
  • After acting as assistant in pharmacies at Quedlinburg, Hanover, Berlin and Danzig successively he came to Berlin on the death of Valentin Rose the elder in 1771 as manager of his business, and in 1780 he started an establishment on his own account in the same city, where from 1782 he was pharmaceutical assessor of the Ober-Collegium Medicum.