Sentence Examples

  • In Hemiptera only eleven and in Collembola only yolk, and that the mesenteric epithelium becomes reinforced by six abdominal segments have been detected.
  • Collembola (Spring-tails): with six abdominal segments; appendages of the first forming an adherent ventral tube, those of the third a minute " catch," those of the fourth (fused basally) a " spring."
  • Lubbock (Lord Avebury) separated the springtails as a distinct order, the Collembola, and by many students this separation has been maintained.
  • It is better, on the whole, to regard the Thysanura and Collembola as sub-orders of a single order, the Aptera.
  • - The Aptera are divided into two divergent sub-orders, theThysanura or bristle-tails, and the Collembola or springtails.