Sentence Examples

  • In 1904, exclusive of coasters and small craft trading with north-west Africa, 562 ships of 604,208 tons entered the port of Cartagena, 259 being British and 150 Spanish; while 90 vessels were accommodated at Porman.
  • Corinto is the headquarters of shipping; it is visited by two-thirds of the 2100 vessels of 550,000 tons (including coasters) which annually enter the ports of the republic. The coasting trade is restricted to vessels under the Nicaraguan flag.
  • There is also some trade in farm produce and building materials which supplies a fleet of small coasters with cargo.
  • Small coasters can ascend the river as far as Salvatierra in Galicia (20 m.), but larger vessels are excluded by a sandy bar at the mouth.
  • The average number of ships, including small coasters, which entered the port in each of the three years1905-1907was 3400, of 930,000 tons.