Sentence Examples

  • By adjusting these simple but critical factors, the resulting small red coaster car may make it safely through the track layout or it could roll back and fail to complete the track or even fly off the track if the design is not feasible.
  • Science Games: Science-oriented games focus on the detailed engineering necessary to create a successful roller coaster and also serve as educational tools about the properties and influences of friction, gravity, speed, and other factors.
  • Players can manipulate physics concepts such as speed, gravity, friction, mass, and hill height to control their coaster car, and the goal is to successfully navigate through a loop without the car rolling back or careening off the track.
  • For millions of dieters, the roller coaster of different diet plans and miracle weight loss solutions isn't successful, but the simple meal substitutions and coordinated programs of Slim-Fast is an effective weight management technique.
  • It takes an entire team of design professionals to create a single roller coaster, but the ingenuity of designers and the inspiration of coaster fans have led to more than a dozen types of coasters that can be enjoyed around the globe.