Sentence Examples

  • LANARK, a royal, municipal and police burgh, and county town of Lanarkshire, Scotland, standing on high ground about half a mile from the right bank of the Clyde, 31 m.
  • A favourite holiday resort, being the point from which the falls of the Clyde are usually visited.
  • Braxfield, on the Clyde, gave the title of Lord Braxfield to Robert Macqueen (1722-1799), who was born in the mansion and acquired on the bench the character of the Scottish Jeffreys.
  • Craignethan Castle on the Nethan, a left-hand tributary joining the Clyde at Crossford, is said to be the original of the "Tillietudlem" of Scott's Old Mortality.
  • The Black, Barton and Clyde rivers flow into Lake Memphremagog.