Sentence Examples

  • She put the offending foot on the ground, tentatively applying a little weight, clamping a hand over her mouth to stop the cry of pain.
  • After clamping on their skies and hoisting day-packs, they set out on the groomed path.
  • Reaching high and taking a firm grip on the rope, she lifted herself, clamping the rope between her knees and letting her feet rest on the piece of broomstick.
  • This ring is provided with a clamping screw, which, through the intervention of bevel-gear and rods, is operated by means of the hand-wheel 78.
  • The tubs are usually formed into sets of from 2 to 12, the front one being coupled up by a short length of chain to a clamping hook formed of two jaws moulded to the curve of the rope which are attached by the " run rider," as the driver accompanying the train is called.