Sentence Examples

  • Characteristic are the giraffe, the chimpanzee and the ostrich.
  • It is probable that the Liberian chimpanzee may offer one or more distinct varieties; there is an interesting local development of the Diana monkey, sometimes called the bay-thighed monkey (Cercopithecus diana ignita) on account of its brilliant orange-red thighs.
  • Of this baby chimpanzee the skeleton may be seen in the Natural History branch of the British Museum alongside the volume in which it is described.
  • 2, (a) gibbon; (b) orang; (c) chimpanzee; (d) gorilla; (e) man).
  • The elephant (though its range has become restricted through the attacks of hunters) is found both in the savannas and forest regions, the latter being otherwise poor in large game, though the special habitat of the chimpanzee and gorilla.