Sentence Examples

  • However, in order to be best prepared for your home birth, you'll want to review the LoveToKnow Pregnancy slideshow Checklist for Home Birth and ask your chosen midwife what items she wants you to have on hand when you go into labor.
  • An interior designer will be required to complete all of the work that a certified interior designer might while being closely supervised by a superior who will verify that each item on the checklist has been completed adequately.
  • The items on the checklist do not necessarily indicate a definite reason why the home is not fit to be put on the real estate market, but instead points to things that should be repaired or replaced before the new owner moves in.
  • Whether you're gathering friends for your 21st birthday or planning a themed party for the kids, add printable invitations to your birthday planning checklist to take advantage of unique designs and a price that can't be beat.
  • Of course, if you're interviewing for a particularly creative or casual field, your wardrobe checklist will be toned down, perhaps just eliminating the suit altogether and losing the tie with the button-up shirt and slacks.