Sentence Examples

  • While prison guns are normally used within cell walls, there are a few curious would-be artists who try their hand at makeshift designs to save a few pennies while channeling their inner artist and inventor.
  • Aquablade Recordbreaker: The least expensive of all Speedo's professional suits, it's a simple tank offering low drag and stripes that create a channeling effect so as to streamline water away from you.
  • Former Idol runner-up, Clay Aiken, performed a duet with an Idol contestant hopeful, who didn't make it past the auditions, but was remembered for channeling Aiken during his try-out.
  • Dr. Kevin admits that until he began channeling, he'd witnessed trance channelers and hadn't felt the information was of direct value to the person requesting the reading.
  • When you understand exactly what makes you angry, you can figure out the most effective strategies in dealing with the anger and channeling the emotion in a positive way.