Sentence Examples

  • Catawba Tree (Catalpa Speciosa) - A forest tree in America, westwards, and is little known in England yet, though promising to be a forest tree; reaches 120 feet high in its own country.
  • Catawba is a two-level furniture mall that covers more than 8 acres of showroom space.
  • Slope of the Blue Ridge rise the Broad, the Catawba and the Yadkin, which flow for some distance a little N.
  • The Catawba is the chief growth of the Lake Erie district; the other important vines being the Delaware and Concord.
  • In the Mountain Region and in the Piedmont Plateau Region the rivers have numerous falls and rapids which afford a total water power unequalled perhaps in any other state than Maine on the Atlantic Coast, the largest being on the Yadkin, Roanoke and Catawba; and in crossing some of the mountains, especially the Unakas, the streams have carved deep narrow gorges that are much admired for their scenery.