Sentence Examples

  • Catawba Tree (Catalpa Speciosa) - A forest tree in America, westwards, and is little known in England yet, though promising to be a forest tree; reaches 120 feet high in its own country.
  • Catalpa - Handsome flowering trees of the Bignonia order, one of them forming a beautiful tree even in London gardens.
  • Indian Bean (Catalpa Bignonioides) - A handsome tree, hardy in S.
  • Beech, black walnut, butternut, chestnut, catalpa, hemlock and tamarack trees are also common.
  • Valuable trees are of great variety: cottonwood, poplar, catalpa, red cedar, sweet-gum, birch-eye, sassafras, persimmon, ash, elm, sycamore, maple, a variety of pines, pecan, locust, dogwood, hickory, various oaks, beech, walnut and cypress are all abundant.