Sentence Examples

  • During this gate opening, humankind will leap to the next level of evolution and the message from the Mayans is for everyone to re-examine their lives so we don't become victims of the impending cataclysmic events.
  • This cataclysmic earthquake nearly leveled all of San Francisco when it struck on the morning of Wednesday, April 18th.
  • He journeys to the cave to get answers for Jor-El, and his biological father explains that he must bring the three crystals together immediately to avert cataclysmic devastation.
  • The question remains, will this Fifth World be heralded by a cataclysmic event like the one that took out the dinosaurs, or will it be a kind of ascension for humans?
  • The most popular theories revolve around a celestial alignment, mega solar flares or a magnetic pole shift that will cause cataclysmic events that ravage the earth.