Sentence Examples

  • However, they sometimes get blind sided by a series of unfortunate events, such as natural disasters, a mass casualty event, or an unprecedented number of people going on long term disability.
  • Casualty Insurance - This includes all types of commercial businesses, environmental liability, general and product liability, employer's indemnity, and real estate investment trust insurance.
  • Unlike health insurance -which protects only an individual or family- or car insurance -which may only be used for expenses pertaining to an automobile- property and casualty insurance can be used to cover a variety of assets.
  • Property and casualty insurance is a specific type of insurance that covers businesses and individuals against excessive financial losses due to the damage or destruction of the things that allow them to obtain income.
  • This is a unique type of insurance that covers losses in property and covers the legal liability or "casualty" of the policy holder in the case of injury or damaged property of another person.