Sentence Examples

  • In 1907 the school had 813 students, of whom 313 were girls; it has an academic department, a business school and courses in domestic science, in farming, dairying and gardening, and in masonry, carpentry, painting, blacksmithing, waggonmaking, shoemaking, steam-fitting, printing and other trades.
  • A day to Mr John Sponle, mason and orderer or setter-out (ordinator) of the king's works, and Geoffrey of Carlton "appareller" of the carpentry work, it is clear that they, and not Bernham, were the architects and builders.
  • They comprise especially gold work, vases exported from Athens, textiles and specimens of carpentry and marquetry.
  • There are several industrial schools where agriculture, horticulture, carpentry, printing and other trades are taught.
  • Of the total exports that of timber, wrought and unwrought, represents 50%; the other principal exports with approximate percentage are: iron and steel 13.5, iron ore 3.6, machinery and implements 3.2, and other iron and steel goods 2.7; butter Io; paper 3.4; carpentry work 3; matches 2.3.