Sentence Examples

  • Builders carpentering 94,900.
  • Crescent (1848-1849); afterwards he passed his time carpentering, building and selling small houses in Brooklyn (1851-1854) in the meanwhile writing for the magazines and reviews and turning out several novels, and finally revolving in his mind the scheme of his Leaves of Grass.
  • He frequently stopped his carpentering to work at his poems. He left voluminous manuscript notes, showing the preparatory studies and reflections that preceded the Leaves; many of them, under the title of Notes and Fragments, were privately printed by his literary executor, Dr Richard Maurice Bucke, in 1899.
  • The German immigration began about 1845, and long ago passed its maximum, so that in 1900 more than half of all the foreign-born (not only the Germans, but also the later-coming nationalities) had lived within Missouri for more than twenty years, and more than three-fourths of all had been residents of the state for ten 1 Omitting here printing and publishing, and foundry and machineshop products, which (like carpentering, bakery products, &c., in cities) have little distinctive in them to set Missouri off from other states.
  • The principal manufactures are slaughtering and meat-packing products, foundry and machine-shop products, rubber boots and shoes, rubber belting and hose, printing and publishing products, carpentering, pianos and organs, confectionery and furniture.

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