Sentence Examples

  • A child experiencing a night terror will be difficult to awaken or comfort, will not recognize her parent or caretaker, and will usually have no memory of the terrifying emotions that caused the sleep disturbance.
  • Very young children who lack the verbal skills to describe the frightening dream may require more reassurances that they are safe and more time in the comforting presence of a parent or caretaker before they are ready to return to bed.
  • The Caretaker products are manufactured by Polaris, a portion of the Zodiac Pool Systems, Inc. Zodiac is an Australian corporation that was established 25 years ago, and is currently a leading supplier of pool equipment.
  • When both the Maquis ship and Voyager are seized by the enigmatic Caretaker entity and thrown to the far side of the galaxy, Torres is taken from the ship for various medical tests.
  • Here you can find a striped note pad for about $12.00, order a Babysitter Message Pad for your favorite caretaker, or browse some of the books written by Spade's own design team.