Sentence Examples

  • Children who were placed in high-quality childcare settings had better language skills and social/emotional development than those who were placed in centers with poorly trained adults or a high number of children per adult caregiver.
  • In many cases, parents are so overcome with grief and anger at the loss of their child that they are understandably oblivious to the pain that the baby's caregiver is experiencing, particularly if the child died in that person's care.
  • Where the proposed recipient is the primary caregiver for young children (under the age of 2), her or she may be awarded spousal support until the children are old enough to go to school or other child care arrangements can be made.
  • Just as it is necessary to discuss alternative herbal therapies for autism, experts recommend that a parent or caregiver consult with both a doctor and a nutritionist to develop a healthy GFCF diet plan before starting the diet.
  • The National Resource Center for Health, Child Care, and Early Education recommends having only three children under a year old and four children to every caregiver for kids aged 13 months two year in licensed daycare centers.