Sentence Examples

  • It has one of the highest per-capita incomes in the world, almost no crime, and no public or foreign debt.
  • For the sake of comparison it may be stated that the per capita cost of the English census of 1901 was 2.24 cents, or little more than one-tenth that of the American census.
  • The total imports per capita and the duty collected upon them per capita have been as follows since f 885, taking every fifth year: f885$IO32 and $3.17; I89o$I2~35 and $362; I895$fo61 and $2.17; I900$fo88 and $3.01; 19o5$1308 and $3.f1~ 19o8$1357 and $3.24.
  • In 1909 the ordinary receipts were $637,773,165, or $7.17 per capita; and the ordinary disbursements $670,507,889, or $754 per capita.
  • The running expenses per capita in 1900 were $35.23; more than twice the average of 86 leading cities of the country (New York, $23.92; Chicago, $11.62).