Sentence Examples

  • An annual poll-tax is also collected for the schools from every adult male.
  • The principal sources of revenue are the licences granted for the importation and retailing of opium, wine and spirits, which are in the hands of Chinese; a customs duty of 5% on imports; an export tax of 5 70 on jungle produce; a poll-tax sanctioned by ancient native custom; and a stamp duty.
  • Conquered peoples who will neither embrace Islam nor pay a poll-tax (jizya) are to be put to the sword.
  • Revenue is derived chiefly from a poll-tax on natives of £I per annum, concession rents, royalties and customs. For the period1904-1909the revenue - apart from loans - was about £40,000 a year, the normal expenditure being approximately the same amount.
  • The peasantry defended themselves by the simple device of understating the numbers of their families; the returns made it appear that the adult population of England had gone down from 1,355,000 to 896,000 since the poll-tax of 1379.