Sentence Examples

  • Not only does water move upwards, but it is transferred by capillarity in all directions through the soil.
  • The following branches have especially felt his influence: - chemical physics, capillarity and viscosity, theory of gases, flow of liquids, photography, optics, colour vision, wave theory, electric and magnetic problems, electrical measurements, elasticity, sound and hydrodynamics.
  • Capillarity and Surface Tension.-Reference should be made to the article Capillary Action for the general discussion of this phenomenon of liquids.
  • It tends to improve the tilth and the capillarity of the soil by binding sands together somewhat and by opening up clays.
  • If a number of small enough holes be drilled through a solid substance which is not wetted by the liquid, our knowledge of the phenomena of capillarity shows us that it needs pressure to force the liquid into the holes.